We are already halfway through 2022! Clubhouse, Twitter Spaces, Spotify Greenrooms, Tik Tok, etc are expanding and it's time to maximise your impact ...its time for action and to thrive! The Sirius Gate is open and its the time for Healers, Coaches, Lightworkers and Therapists to shine!

In other words, the perfect time to magnetise your message, amplify your personal brand, multiply your profits and develop the Audacity to be Abundant?

You know prosperity is your birthright, you know you can create impact on a much bigger scale but it is nearly impossible when nobody knows who you are or even why they should choose YOU!

Join me on Tuesday 26th July to take the first step towards changing that and prepare for a more impactful and more abundant finish to the year!

This one-day Standing up in Your Own Hallelujah Experience will provide you with the roadmap you need to be able to:

  • Clearly and confidently articulate EXACTLY who you are, what you do and why YOU are the One!

  • Provide you with the grounding required to bypass and short circuit those moments of doubt and self-sabotage and, eventually, remove them altogether!

  • Give you the understanding of why people choose YOU and how to distinguish whether they are a Client, a Cheerleader or both!

  • Build skill, impact and income without compromise of integrity!

Also …. Have you wondered just how much Impact you are really having?

Using the revolutionary BreakthruMeter, discover HOW to measure your impact at each stage of your business that helps build your income as your increase your impact

Gayle Edwards is an International, award-winning Global Impact & Personal Brand Strategist, Best-selling Author and Speaker who works with Entrepreneurial and Corporate "Square Pegs" to help them build their identity and authority within their marketplace!

More than that though, Gayle is a power-full and intuitive Teacher and Healer who uses her gift of recognising ‘stuck energy’ to help her clients release it so they are able to communicate with confidence, clarity and conviction!

If you do nothing, things stay exactly the same as they are! Gayle shows you how to become THE EXPERT in your industry rather than just another expert!

Client Feedback

Client Feedback

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